Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is the book dangerous?

A - I mean paper cuts can always occur. You shouldn't eat it as you might choke...unless you're into that weird kind of shit. The book makes for a good throwing weapon and it's highly flammable aka hot, just like my Mixtape. But if we're talking psychologically then yeah, the book will most likely leave a mental scar.

Q - Did anyone get hurt in the writing process?

A - Unfortunately yes. We recently went to our friend Madison - The Box Destroyer's funeral. She died...from drowning in pussy. We keep her urn in our living room, we use it to hide our coke tho.

Q - Have you even tried coke?

A - You kidding!? Hola at our boy Blizzard Dick, he'll hook you up big time! He get's his shit straight from the jungle. This shit is purer than Mother Teresa's STD test. It's Columbian newspapers wrapped quality! Tell Blizzard that Ace sent you, get's you a 10% discount.

Q - I didn't get any of my questions answered!

A - We promise to update this page with more answers but until then...which could be awhile, I got to play 18 holes with my bookie, we're planning on getting high at this new art exhibition, I got to heckle the visiting team in my cousin's little league match, I'm representing myself in court regarding my latest speeding ticket, but we promise to get back to you! Email us at:

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